Friday, March 18, 2011


I recently wrote a bunch of limericks and then a friend reminded me that I have a blog. So I am sharing these on my blog. I have decided to not apologize for them. Don't hate.

There once was a dude named Chad
He was so totally rad
He rode a skateboard
With women he scored
And he beat up his stupid old dad.

There once was a dude named Todd
He had a really cut bod
The ladies would swoon
When he walked in the room
And he named his abdominals god

I once took a giant-ass poo
It stuck to my butt like glue
I'd wipe and I'd wipe
For the rest of my life
And die with my bum on the loo

I once saw a hag on the train
She walked with a wooden brown cane
She hobbled and stepped
And fell down and wept
And I laughed at the old granny's pain

There once was a man named Mike
He was married to a crabby old dyke
His outlook was dim
As she scissored with Kim
and he jumped off a cliff on a hike

Farting on girls is too fun
The gas flies out of my bum
They scream and they squirm
But my stank is too firm
And now I'm a man on the run

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